Where on earth… HERE!

Sailing can be challenging and a real sport with adventures and dangers involved. At Leisure-Sailing its none of that.

Our clients arrive at the marina with all their problems packed nicely in their overcrowded brains. They board the yacht and – believe it or not – upon that time when the yacht leaves the marina, heading to sea, those problems remain on the jetty, waiting…

It is for this reason that cruises with Leisure-Sailing ~ Travel ~ provide more than just a vacation, more than just some free time, more than just a break. For the period of the cruise our clients are relieved of all obligations and open for new encounters with unfamiliar environments and often unknown cultures and peoples. In just one week our clients collect experiences that makes them „feel as if they have been for several weeks on board„.

Where on earth can you relax some weeks in just a weeks time? HERE!

Join one of our cruises on an excellent catamaran and get to know your „Where on earth…“ experiences from the first start.

Leisure-Sailing, discover the world with us…

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