Yachting Industry? A good investment!

Yachts are going to sink, disapear or crash in storms or even hurricanes. All investments are highly at risk and never have been made any profit in that sector. IS THAT SO?!

Well, first of all ask yourself: If all of the above is true, why do peoples invest in that sector and win fortunes by doing so? The Yacht Charter Industry (only a part of the Yachting Industry) had a global market value of 6.708.000.000 US$ in 2017 an is estimated to reach US$ by 2027. Al lot of zeros for an industry that produces no profits.

The truth is that family offices as well as institutional investors rather invest in real estate, stock exchange, Startups or „Unicorns“ – even so its common knowledge that 90% of all Startups do not exist any more in year 3 – than in a sector that is unfamiliar and therefore „risky“. The Yachting Industry as well as its related fields of leisure commerce offers much better results and most times – better than Startups – even security values (yachts) for the investments partners.

Now choose an investment that is ready for some „green“ aspects and you are a winner.

Investing into the Yachting Industry is reliable, secure and profitable. A good investment!

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