We love sailing –
not just as a family

For us, the value of a holiday lies in the quality of life it brings – and we have proved it for over 20 years! We love what we do, and we are happy to share our experiences and adventures with you, whether you are an entrepreneur, a family, single or a teenager. To offer you a sailing experience with added value, we have spent many years taking wonderful trips to destinations throughout the world. We take your wishes into account and prepare everything perfectly so that your holiday actually starts before you even get there. That is Leisure-Sailing!


We are a team – Welcome on board


… a perfectionist on all fronts and a wonderful, warm-hearted woman. She has everything under control and sometimes also turns things on their heads. Svetlana applies her keen intuition to every situation in advance, with a happy nature and sometimes a firm hand.
Raising our children for many years has made many things second nature: no one runs the risk of getting burned in the sun or standing in the wind when they are wet. She is known as an excellent hostess and cook for every taste or requirement; she never serves small portions. Svetlana thinks of every detail.
Over the years, Svetlana has developed a close connection with sailing, first as a crew member, then as a kiteboarder and now as a skipper. Our project Sailing4Future is particularly close to her heart: protecting the sea as a habitat and raising young people’s awareness of the subject.
Sveta is a talented linguist; she studied at Athens University and speaks not only Russian, German and English, but also Greek


… an incredibly helpful and subtle soul, despite his serious and deceptively “tough” appearance. The foundations of his love for the sea were laid by his parents, who had a small holiday apartment in the municipality of Großenbrode on the Baltic Sea coast. He spent every summer holiday there with his parents, brother and sister, and over the years they learned to master sports catamarans und consolidate their skills.
Nicolas passed his first sailing exam in an “Optimist” at the age of six – even before he learned to read and write – and received the youth sailing licence of the German Sailing Federation DSV. As a child you learn from everything, and little by little your actions become less conscious and more instinctive. So young yachtspeople quickly become accustomed to making decisions and manoeuvring with sails.
Our skipper is reliable, reacts fast, is interesting and carefree…
And he is happy to share his knowledge and experiences. A graduate engineer with skilled hands, an outstanding photographer and the heart and soul of the company.

Some impressions of our sailing trips

Let your holiday become an adventure! Enjoy a women’s sailing trip including coaching in a group, or visit the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean with friends and enjoy the catering to match. Or come on board with your whole family and let your children experience what you have always dreamed of! We will make it possible.

Your Leisure Sailing team