Vitamin Sea

Teens just wanna have fun!

The sea has always fascinated us, and young people have always conquered and explored the seas and oceans …

Your preferences
Do you love the sea, beautiful coves and beaches?
Do you like adventure and being active? Do you find family holidays just too boring?
We will leave your parents at home and include you in our team.

Your experiences
Fun is always the most important factor here …

Live in a community of likeminded people of the same age, and become a team player. 
Explore wonders of nature and experience sea creatures at first hand (dolphins, whales, seals, sea turtles and more).
Go on excursions onto unknown islands and experience new adventures every day.
 Discover the effect of responsibility and grow with your daily tasks.
Experience the freedom of the sea, where the everyday constraints of life on land do not apply.

Your actions
Only by noticing the world where you live will you be ready to change it.
Everyone can protect nature and improve situations. 
Work in a team, shape your ideas on the environment and plan actions.
Then it will be time to act, and we will put your thoughts into practice and improve the world.

Your opportunities
We live, interact and speak exclusively in English (no courses), which will improve your everyday vocabulary and language skills. 
Understand yourself and awaken your inner entrepreneurial spirit. Or simply be there and join in the discussions at boot camp. Become part of the Sailing4Future movement and help protect the seas and their inhabitants. Show your friends what you have experienced, and spread your new knowledge and your experiences to expand the community.

Your yacht
Your home will be a sparkling white cruising catamaran. Within just a few days you will understand the basics of sailing and be able to steer the yacht. Take your holiday into your own hands. Be part of a crew, get to know young people and take responsibility on deck. By the end of the sailing trip, everyone will be familiar with every task on and below deck. Every year we sail on newly developed routes with fascinating, well thought-out and perfectly organised programmes on land, active projects to conserve flora and fauna, under the sails of “Sailing4Future”. Be part of the movement for the young generation, in which different nationalities and religions deal with the future of our planet. Vitamin Sea and Sailing4Future:
sailing holidays that will change your life!

Description for parents

Vitamin Sea – the sailing adventure programme for over-13s

Vitamin Sea

is a format for teenagers aged between 13 and 17.
SAIL and FUN + english


is integrated into Vitamin Sea and thus supports marine protection both actively and indirectly.


We get right in the thick of it, experiencing the marine world and its inhabitants right up close.

Sailing routes

Sporades “Sailing4Future” sailing trips in 2020

Come on a round trip to unparalleled destinations in the Aegean: the Sporades islands in Greece. Join our exceptional sailing expedition and discover the wildlife on the islands. The Sporades offer unique habitats, combining luxuriant pine forests that extend to the slopes of the islands with exotic beaches where the film “Mamma Mia” was shot!!

Sail from Skiathos to Skopelos, then to Alonnisos and on to Kyra Panagia – an uninhabited island that is home only to a monastery! Afterwards you will return to Skiathos via Alonnisos and Skopelos.
You will sail in the National Marine Park of Alonnisos and the northern Sporades, the largest marine conservation area in Europe. The region was placed under protection because it is home to one of the rarest mammals in the world: the monk seal Monachus monachus! Learn all about them and experience the animals in their natural habitat!

Set off on dolphin expeditions and experience what it is like to be an oceanographer. Be on the lookout for the threatened Aegean dolphin pods.

Concentrate on the bird life, butterflies and wild flowers of these lush islands too, and walk in the shadows of their pine forests. Along the way, you will learn how to travel responsibly and sustainably between the different islands, respect their traditions and understand their history. Our objective is to make tourism an instrument for nature conservation and connect people with one another. On your sailing trip, you will sample delicious Greek food (we also look after vegetarians and vegans well) and enjoy the renowned Greek hospitality and sunshine!

Take an active part in nature conservation and nature conservation monitoring methods
Live on board with a multicultural team and learn with them
Find out more about our planet and how we can protect it


30 islands – Dolphins – Monk seals – Excursions – Wonders of nature – No parents!
 Be free – Have fun – Experience adventures – Take responsibility – Live as a community – Change the world – Strengthen nature – Think and act for the environment!
 Interact – Plan activities – Spread knowledge – Expand the community.

Vitamin Sea and Sailing4Future: sailing holidays that will change your life!



8–29 days of unforgettable experiences on a sparkling white catamaran (40–46 feet, built in 2017 or similar)
7/24 English
Expedition into nature, culture and history
Participation in the project “Sailing4Future”
Basics of sailing
Option of a cookery course
Competitions and prizes
Skipper, support and organisation
“Flotsam and jetsam” creative workshop
Participation certificate with confirmation of mileage
Different mooring locations or picturesque island coves every day
Small group: 8 teenagers and 2 mentors per yacht
Ecology/biology coaching
Fascinating activities on land as well as evening programmes in English
All sorts of adventures and water-based fun around the islands
Certified ecologist mentor (language: English) and organisation

Sailing trip from/to Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport on Skiathos ((IATA code: JSI, ICAO code: LGSKJ)). Air travel is not included in the price.


Cruising catamaran between 40 and 46 feet, built in 2019 or similar
1 place in a double cabin with shower/WC/washbasin
Full board with non alcoholic drinks while on the catamaran is included in the price


Easter special (10 days)
Summer: groups from 6 pax by arrangement
School classes: by arrangement