Who wouldn’t like a crew… of women!

In a relation it is the woman that decides which yacht to buy and what they ask for is: SPACE

It is no wonder that catamarans perform much better in the yacht charter industry than monohulls and this trend will continue as women start to conquer the seas. Having mostly double cabins with own bathrooms, a wide kitchen and good deck space gives the catamarans in the market the kick forward. More an more women become skippers and head to the seas with thier girlfriends. They enjoy nature, involve coaching and discover the “news” arond them in all details.

We at Leisure-Sailing LTD ~ Travel ~ provide worldwide special cruises for women that serve this market request in perfection. Having happy customers is our target. Well just look at the image and you know: We succeed!

Wanna join a sailing?

Leisure-Sailing LTD ~ Travel ~, sailing makes me free…

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